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After a smoother, cleaner more athletic look?
it's time to defuzz!
My guide will take you through different approaches to bodyhair removal and discuss the pros and cons of each.

Piss play or watersports is of course my favourite fetish!Discover why I enjoy it so much and how to can take the first steps or get more out of this golden fetish!

featureprostate featuredirty

Ever wanted to energise your orgasms, or achieve multiple mind blowing, whole body convulsing climate?
Discover the power of your prostate and unlock a whole new sexual secret within yourself!

Scat - a fetish that can be enjoyed on many different levels from mild to wild and by anyone who is curious or perhaps adventurous enough to give it a try!
I give tips on getting started and of course clean up after!


There are so many sites now dedicated to the home porn star, but what does it take to make good movies and even earn some money for your exploits.
I give some top tips on making magical movies!

Adult babies and diaper lovers, what's the attraction,which diapers to choose and
how to get started in this little way of life

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