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Voyage of Discovery

A short story I've penned featuring themes of piss, scat outdoor sex and the beauty of a youthful first sexual explorations.

The characters remain ageless to be left to your own imagination,
but for legal reasons they are of course over the age of 18.

As I gaze out again across the water I can still picture, gently bobbing up and down, that little blue and white rowing boat we took out on that fine summer's day.

It was the end of the school term and my parents had allowed me to bring a friend with me down to the small fishing village where we would holiday each year. It had become like a second home to me, its narrow lanes edged with deep verges of wild flowers, their blaze of colour and sweet perfume filling the warm summer air, the neat little stone fishermen's cottages leading down to the small sandy beach, with its brightly coloured fishing boats pulled up out of the water. Those carefree summer days really did seem to last for ever.
The day looked to be another fine one with hardly a cloud in the sky.

"Come on," I called to Michael, "look, the sea's dead calm today, let's take the rowing boat out."Michael, who  more often than not seemed to have his head stuck in some adventure book laughed in eager agreement "Yes let's, we can have our very own voyage of discovery!"
Michael had always excelled at everything in school, including sport, and today his topless, lightly tanned torso had me mesmerised as his strong arms skilfully drew the boat through the azure blue waters which sparkled like a thousand diamonds reflecting up onto his handsome smiling face.

"Head for that cove over there," I pointed. "It looks nice and secluded, we can sunbathe for a while."
The boat drew up onto the shore as we leapt out and pulled it up onto the sand. "Come on," laughed Michael, "Race you to the top." Of course Michael won, but I didn't mind, I just collapsed onto the sand next to him laughing breathlessly!
"Let's bathe here." he suggested. "Come on, get your trunks off!"
"What, in the nude?" I questioned.
"Why not?" he replied, slipping his own trunks off revealing a splendidly smooth long cock which my eyes couldn't help but be hypnotised by. 
"Come on, don't be shy," he laughed as he playfully tugged my trunks down, revealing to my embarrassment my own now semi-hard cock.
"Wow, look at you!" he exclaimed looking down, which had the instant effect of causing it to grow even more.
"Let's lie between those rocks, it's so beautifully warm," I suggested quickly to stave off my embarrassment.

I'd often admired Michael's body from a distance in the school showers, but today as I followed him over to the rocks, with the soft sunlight reflecting off the golden sands onto his smooth round buttocks, I noticed his body taking on a completely new beauty, and at that moment I felt a deep warm glow start to form deep inside me.

We lay down side by side on the fine warm sand and it wasn't long before I noticed Michael's breathing get shallower as he drifted off to sleep.
I took the opportunity to admire his body again, his sun bleached blond hair flopping onto his handsome face, his defined chest and flat, slightly muscled stomach, gently rising and falling with each breath. I was much less developed than Michael and still as skinny as a rake, but vowed then I would aspire to have a body like his one day. 
Lying beside Michael as he slept I couldn't  stop myself from lightly tracing my fingertips over his tight torso,  its silky smoothness sending tingles of delight from my fingertips all the way down through my own body awakening my cock once again. I knew from this moment I desired Michael passionately.

"You can touch my cock too if you like." Michael's voice awoke me with a jolt from my thoughts, I looked down at his  cock, which like my own had now gone as hard as the rocks we lay against. I tentatively placed my fingers around his cock, delighting in its smooth, firmness as I did.
“Touch it with your lips,” Michael whispered to to me.
Looking up into his eyes I could I see I didn’t need to wait for a second invitation, so placed my lips gently around it. I had never tasted another guy's cock before, but as its warm sweetness  filled my mouth. I instantly knew I wanted more, and from the soft moans of pleasure coming from Michael, I knew he felt the same. As I slowly slid my lips up and down I noticed small drops of thick clear liquid begin to seep from his cock, glistening like the spring dew as they did. I moistened my lips with this new-found sweetness and then without a thought I placed them softly onto Michael's own, and we kissed with a gentle passion that felt so entirely natural.

As our lips eventually parted Michael whispered to me, "I want to make love to you."
"What fuck me?" I asked, a little apprehensively.
"Sit on my cock," he urged me.
I had never touched another guy’s cock before that day, let alone have one inside me.
"Just relax," he reassured me.
I straddled Michael, placing his cock against my tight eager hole and gently pushed down. It felt a little painful at first but the clear liquid now leaking profusely from Michael's magnificent member helped gradually, little by little, to ease it into me. 
After a short time Michael was gently thrusting into me.
"Oh wow" I sighed "Oh yes, give it to me," I whispered, looking deep into his pale blue eyes. 

I had often daydreamed of this moment when I should have been concentrating in class, but nothing had prepared me for the sheer exhilaration and joy I now felt, feeling Michael deep inside me.
I was not used to being fucked and Michael's thrusting had given me the sudden urge to want to shit.
"Oh no! I think I need to poo," I said urgently to him, as I lifted myself from his cock.
"I think you already have," grinned Michael. I looked down at his cock to see a smooth coating of brown streaked down it.
"Oh!" I said, reddening, "I think I better find somewhere to go."
"Do it on me" came Michael's unexpected sudden reply.
"Poo on me!" he replied again, smiling with a mischievous glint in his eye. 
"Are you sure?" I replied, but before I could wait for his answer I lost control, my hole opened and a thick solid turd snaked its way out.
 "Ahhhh wow!" I groaned in relief. I hadn't taken a shit for a couple of days and I looked down at my massive dark brown turd now lying on Michael's stomach.

"Awwwhhh  yeah!" gasped Michael in delight, thrusting his dick immediately back into my still open hole, pulling my cheeks apart, fucking me deeper, harder and more intensely than before.  I could tell Michael was in heaven, his eyes closed as he grabbed my warm fresh turd in his hands and started smearing it backwards and forwards over his stomach, the earthy organic aroma, intense and exciting, filling the air between us and thrilling my senses.
As Michael pushed deeper inside me, lubricating his cock with a fresh soft coating of my dark brown delight, I felt a new sudden urge to take a piss. I knew our new-found bond meant I didn’t need to ask, and as I relaxed, a stream of pure gold forced its way from my hard cock, arching up and sparkling in the sunlight before cascading onto Michael's brown shit-covered torso.
Michael opened his eyes in surprise, and then while still pounding my hole, grabbed hold of my cock and directed the stream straight into his open mouth!  The thought of actually tasting my piss, never mind drinking it, had never occurred to me back then, but seeing Michael's sheer delight at gulping it down, I whispered, "I want some." He directed my cock upwards and the very first taste of my own pee flooded my taste buds, its warm saltiness surprising me as I gulped it down in eager delight of this new-found pleasure.

The sight of me drinking my own piss seemed to have an sudden effect on Michael. I watched in awe as his eyes closed and a look of intense pleasure and concentration spread across his face.
"Awwwhhh, oh yeah, oh fuck!" he groaned out loud. His body tensed; he thrust a few more times even deeper than before into me - and then I felt it: his cock pulsating, again and again deep inside me.
The feeling of Michael's love lotion spurting deep within me had an immediate effect, and without warning the most amazing sensation spread over my whole being, my body quivering in ecstasy. Succumbing to the feeling I gasped out loud, shaking in pleasure as a streak of creamy whiteness shot from my own throbbing cock onto Michael's face, then another, and another. Michael ran his tongue slowly over his lips savouring my thick fresh cream as it trickled down over them, making me shoot several more times, my white juices running in rivers over Michael's beautiful brown, shit-covered body.

Exhausted, I lay gently on top of Michael and we kissed, cradled in each other’s arms, the warm stickiness of our bodies binding us together as one, never wanting the moment to end.
We gradually became aware of the outside world again - the sound of the ocean whispering its deepest secrets to the shore below us and the call of a distant seabird carried from afar on a gentle breeze.
"Come  on," I suggested "let's go down to the sea."
We bathed for what seemed hours in those clear warm waters, splashing, swimming and cleaning each other's bodies, exploring once again with renewed delight every single bit as we did.

A gentle hand on my shoulder bought me back to the present.

"You looked miles away," came the familiar voice.
"Just reminiscing," I replied, as I turned to see Michael's smiling face beside me.
"Do you realise it's seven years almost exactly to the day since we first got together?" Michael said thoughtfully.
"I know," I replied with a smile.
"Come on, the sun's starting to set."
I looked as the sun’s rays had begun to work their alchemy, turning the cliffs behind us to gold.
"Let's head back to the cottage," Michael suggested. "We’ll open a bottle of wine and I'll cook you a meal to celebrate. And after,” he said, smiling with a mischievous glint in his eye, “I've got a special surprise for you!"