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Our dirty chav shows there's no holes barred when it comes to fun with his piss and shit! Like any self respecting chav in need of a piss, he just lies on his bed and pisses in his trackies, then over his hot toned boy. This make him hot and horny and so his attention turns to his hole, it doesnÕt matter if itÕs full of the brown goo too! Fingers, a fist and two huge dildos find their way up his gaping shitter covering his arse in shit with every thrust, doesn't this chav care he's shitting up the bed? Not likely!


Pissing the blues away!
Our boy in blue returns with a full bladder and Jeans perfect for pissing up!
It's not long before the piss starts flowing through his already piss stained undies soaking his blues, socks and floor beneath, then smelling his pissy undies releases another torrent of piss over himself and the whole kitchen soaking his smooth naked body, writhing around on the floor in his piss leads to a hands free cum load!


Your descension into the most depraved forms of homosexual urolagnia is so fucking beautiful.


Golden Games powered by XTube

I always love how you moan so much while pissing, you're amazing!


Piss Fist & Farts powered by XTube

Your are SUCH a star! Everything about your videos is awesome - your body, your face, your cock, your outfits, your piss volume and control, and your cum shots; you are a joy to watch!


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You never disappoint. Another awesomely sensuous video. I love how you enjoy and celebrate your perfect body. Just beautiful.