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Hi, I'm Goldenboyuk a gay lad who loves exploring his sexuality in a fun, sensual and creative way!

The male body is capable of some wonderfully erotic arousels and sensations and I love to explore as many as I can!

My favourite way of doing this is through piss/watersports (hence the name!) But I also love scat and experementing with  ABDL, toys, rubber, gear and open to anything that heightens the male sexual experience!

I hope you'll join me here on my new site exploring and celebrating my kinks, with videos, reviews and advice. Hopefully it might even open your eyes to trying something new and exciting.

I'm an easygoing, friendly guy so any questions or suggestions feel free to get in touch  

UPDATE: Just got my new twiiter underway you can follow mw there @goldenboyukxxx

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A dirty boy’s dream – the pure scat indulgence!

First off some hot pissing from our Goldenboy Then he’s dispensing his creamy brown load right into his hand, it’s smooth creamy warmth makes it too hard to resist using it to jack off to and it’s only a matter of seconds before his cock is literally boiling over with cum in the first of this videos cumshots!

Some good smearing follows causing the second cum-load of the session as he literally pisses cum!and on to taste some of his home made produce!