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Hi, I'm Goldenboyuk a gay lad who loves exploring his sexuality in a fun, sensual and creative way!

The male body is capable of some wonderfully erotic arousels and sensations and I love to explore as many as I can!

My favourite way of doing this is through piss/watersports (hence the name!) But I also love scat and experementing with  ABDL, toys, rubber, gear and open to anything that heightens the male sexual experience!

I hope you'll join me here on my new site exploring and celebrating my kinks, with videos, reviews and advice. Hopefully it might even open your eyes to trying something new and exciting.

I'm an easygoing, friendly guy so any questions or suggestions feel free to get in touch  

UPDATE: Twitter Followers - I'd decided to take a little break from twitter, I have a few other priorities right now and it was becoming too much of a distraction. I do hope to be back in the near future so watch this space as they say.

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Pissing the blues away!
Our boy in blue returns with a full bladder and Jeans perfect for pissing up!
It's not long before the piss starts flowing through his already piss stained undies soaking his blues, socks and floor beneath, then smelling his pissy undies releases another torrent of piss over himself and the whole kitchen soaking his smooth naked body, writhing around on the floor in his piss leads to a hands free cum load!

My first video as an x-tube amateur, a little way fans can show their support for all my free videos over the years and still get something in return!

Your support helps me keep making the videos fresh and exciting so thankyou!