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You're best know for your amazing golden streams
when did you first get into watersports?

I'm often asked how & when I first got into watersports, thinking back I can't really remember a time when I wasn't fascinated by my bodily functions such as pissing and shitting.
As a boy, I'd often go into the woods with a friend and we'd watch each other pee and poo and then look in fascination at what each other had produced so it was never really something I thought of as dirty which most of us have been programmed to think.

As a young teenager I discovered the pleasure of wetting my pants, I loved the excitement of doing something naught that felt so good, feeling wet warmth of the material soaking against my bum hole.

This led me to explore other things to give me a thrill and it wasn't long before I decided to try pooing in my pants too, of course I loved it! Reaching round and feeling a big bulge it the back of my underwear was a great feeling! It's wonderful as adults we can explore all those things we'd be punished as kids for doing and I think that adds to the thrill!

What got you into making videos and sharing your antics?

As soon as I saved up for my own computer and digital camera I started taking pissing photos of myself and exploring the few websites you could find pissing pictures and videos at the time and the even rarer sites you could find scat pictures which really blew my young mind! However I was disappointed at the time that most scat videos were a bit seedy, rather poor quality and portrayed it as a fetish only for older hairy bear types so I felt there was a need to show scat was something that younger, boy next door types could enjoy too, therefore I thought it might be fun to start filming my own videos, making something a bit more sensual and sophisticated.

My first video featured me riding through the woods on my bike, then stopping off for a piss and a poo. I used different camera angles and even wrote some music to accompany the video. I got such a nice response when I posted it online it inspired me to make further videos and try new ideas and kinks to keep my videos exciting.

You have quite a dedicated following online how does this feel?

My fans comments on videos are the driving force that keep me making the videos, knowing they are being enjoyed so much gives me confidence and inspiration to keep making them especially as I am a naturally shy guy would you belive!
I've even had messages from guys saying they are not usually into piss or scat but seeing the sexual thrill I get from my indulgences has changed their mind which is a real compliment, hopefully I've inspired a few guys to have a go at something new. Sexuality and our bodies aren't something we should be ashamed of and hide away but celebrated and explored it wonderful to discover something new that can bring so much pleasure, after all there's enough unhappiness in the world!

You have a healthy variety of kinks, are there things you'd like to try or things your would never go as far as?

Well never say never, as they say! Yes I love exploring new ways of turning myself on, usually one thing leads me to try something else, like my love of piss and scat got me into nappies and ABDL, I love being inspired by other amateur guys, there is some amazing home made porn being made these days, which is how I got into discovering prostate play and experimenting with bigger toys. More recently I have got into a little sounding play which I never thought I'd enjoy!
I would draw the line at anything too painful and certainly anything involving blood, I'm certainly not one of these crazy bug chasers either and not into drugs. I'm a pretty normal clean living guy really which a few unusual kinks!

Do you have any hobbies and how do you like to relax?

When I'm not exploring my kinks and sexual pleasures I'm a pretty chilled laid back guy, I love the simple enjoyment of going for a walk, bike ride or camping in the countryside, I get a great pleasure and peacefulness from nature, I find it really heartbreaking how we are destroying this amazing planet and still voting cretins like Trump into power who have a blatant disregard for the planet due to their greed.
I also dabble in writing music and playing the keyboard, as well as photography,
check out some of my music and photography, also reading, graphic design, cooking (I trained as a chef) and enjoying the odd bottle of wine and meel with friends.

I love hearing from fans, either just a compliment or maybe with a new ideas for something to try so feel free to comment on any of my videos or if you have any comment on any aspect of my site feel free to email me